When a one-of-a-kind multi-dimensional arts interactive centre opened up in the city, it was an honour and pleasure to become their consultants. With such immense potential in their brainchild, and infinite possibilities of experimentation at their disposal, they trusted our strategic disposition to help them run and pave the futuristic path of this experiential entity. Thus, from assisting them with their scope of events, to implementing their outreach efforts, from being consultants for their marketing and operational functions to building their digital design, from managing their social media to positioning their brands and sub-brands appropriately and building its personality and awareness in the minds of their target audience - we do it all, and more, with them, as part of their team.

In today's world, just products don't sell, experiences do. Juices are sold with the promise that they'll bring alive memories, chocolates are pitched as agents of happiness and celebration. So what do you do when you have no product, but only an experience?

Well, for starters, you come to us. We have helped experimental businesses with out of box ideas and implementations, with collaborative ideas, helping them partner with bloggers, influencers and complimenting service providers. We have extensively worked with exhibitions, travel agencies, institutions, publications, sustainability-inspired businesses and more, helping them build a loyal and growing clientele of seekers, who thrive on the experiences designed by them.

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Take your business
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